Learn how to build a profitable passive income graphic design business

Discover the secrets to creating best-selling products, getting people to take notice and driving tons of free traffic!  


Does any of this sound familiar?

You're ready to earn more money and work less but have no idea where to start...

You WANT to create a passive-income but don't think it'll work for you...

You’re tired of the ups-and-downs of freelance work and are SO ready to have some stability with your income...

Or you're just sick of being told what to do / how to design by your boss or clients...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! 

I was determined to find a better way to support myself as a graphic designer so I started selling digital products and my life completely changed! Within 6 months, I no longer needed ANY client projects to pay my bills. Annnddd it's been supporting me for over 3 years now! 

You can do it too! I want you to take a moment and imagine ...

Having the freedom to work when you want, design what you love and make money in your sleep!

Imagine spending less time behind the computer and more time living your life! Whether that's time with friends and family, working on your passion projects or traveling the world...

It is possible!

*My first year selling digital products


An online course where I share the most powerful lessons and strategies I've used to create a 6-figure passive income business selling graphics online! This step-by-step process will teach you the easiest way to create, bundle, price and market your products to stand out & succeed!


All course content can be completed in less than 4.5 hours!


Make the Shift

  • Overcome Your Fear of Failure
  • Get Clear on Your Goals & Vision
  • Master Your Schedule
  • Find a Profitable Niche
  • How-To Stand Out Above the Competition


Master the Marketplace

  • Validate Your Ideas BEFORE You Create Them
  • Out-of-the-Box Ways to Stay Inspired 
  • Top Mistakes to Avoid
  • How-To Stay Ahead of the Trends


Outsmart the Competition

  • Marketplace Report – Where To Sell & Where to Avoid Selling
  • Earn 100% Profit w/ Your Own eCommerce
  • How-To Set Up Your Own Wordpress Site
  • How-To Handle Customer Support, Piracy & Licenses


Build It Right

  • How-To Get People to Trust Your Brand
  • What Types of Files & Formats You Need to Include for Customers
  • The Secret to Getting MASSIVE Visibility
  • Little-known SEO Secrets That Have a HUGE Impact on Search Results  


Sell Like a Boss

  • The Freebie Strategy That'll Skyrocket Your Following
  • How-To Price Your Products Competitively
  • How-To Make Sure People Notice Your Products
  • Mistakes to Avoid with Your Display Images
  • Sneak Peek at My Products That Made the MOST Money


Get Massive FREE Traffic

  • How-To Use Pinterest to Dramatically Grow Your Traffic & Following
  • How-To Use Social Media to Promote Your Products Without Posting Every Day
  • How-To Use YouTube to Boost Your Sales & Income with One Simple Strategy

See what my students have to say...

“After making almost no money on Society6 & RedBubble I realized I was doing it all wrong and decided to take the course. When I applied what I learned, I was able to build a consistent side income of anywhere from $500 and up! Not bad since I already have a full time job that pays the bills!”

Diane The Gypsy Goddess

“Angelina helped me discover my value as a graphic designer. She helped me find the right price for my designs, and how to create the perfect pitch for large scale packages at the very beginning of my career. She was key in my success as a entrepreneur. I don't know what I would have done without her!”

Mia Paper Scraps 

“I absolutely love Angelina's approach with this course. Each module and concept was presented in a really clear and digestible way with brief videos and helpful downloadable resources. I was able to go through the course at my own pace which helped me to really grasp the details and put them into practice for myself.  

I love that Angelina makes space in her course for mindset work, which creates a solid practice that both enhances and transcends business tactics. Her structured insights into her own tried and tested practices were incredibly valuable, as was having access to a closed community of other creatives striving for similar goals, sharing technical knowledge and sources of inspiration. The support, feedback, and momentum of others really helped keep me on track with my goals.  

I highly recommend this course for any designer pursuing passive income!”

Sarah Louise Town City Lane

“Being a seller on Creative Market for over 3 years, I was searching for new ways to approach my product design and boost my income. This course gave me a new sense of direction - it taught me how to approach my product strategy, where to put my focus, how to improve my display images and so much more! Angelina was tremendously helpful in answering all my questions and giving great suggestions. It's a process, not an overnight thing and Angelina has managed to beautifully cover every aspect of it. I left feeling inspired in ways I didn't even expect! :)

Lena Watercolor Nomads



Masterplan Workbook – This workbook will help you get clear on your vision and goals and reach them quickly!

Product Roadmap – This worksheet will get your creative juices flowing and help you decide which ideas are worth pursuing! Make decisions with confidence BEFORE you spend your time creating them.

Product Launch Checklist – This handy checklist will help keep you on track throughout the creative and launch process. Because checking off boxes feels so good!

Marketplace Report – A breakdown of exactly where to sell and where not to sell, based on 4 years of experience selling digital products in marketplaces across the world.

SEO Checklist – This checklist will help you generate powerful keyword combinations and show you where to place them to help you get massive traffic to your shops!


Plus, you’ll get these Exclusive BONUSES!

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community ($197 Value) Sometimes building a passive-income business can feel really lonely unless you have a solid support system to cheer you on! This group was designed for students of the course to receive support, feedback and encouragement from other designers... plus you'll have ongoing access even after you've completed the course! 

Bonus #2: Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market ($197 Value) Aaron is the Co-Owner of Creative Market, one of the top design marketplaces online with over 5.5 million members!! In this exclusive interview, he reveals some of the juicy secrets behind the top-selling shops and what the staff looks for when they feature products.

Bonus #3: Masterclass – Demo Videos that Sell ($197 Value) In this masterclass, we'll review the key strategies that will help you boost sales using demo videos. We'll talk about how to tap into your authenticity on camera (or audio) and what software/hardware to use to get the most professional results!

Bonus #4: Powerful Resources Guide ($97 Value) The best FREE and paid resources to help your products and display images look like a million bucks!

That's over $650 in BONUSES for FREE as soon as you sign up!


Hey, I'm your instructor Angelina!

Five years ago, I shut down my Creative Agency and took off with backpack and a camera in search of freedom... I was eventually led to design products and my life completely changed. Skybox Creative has been supporting me with a passive income for over 3 years!

My products have been featured in the Top 100 Creative Market year after year and have earned over $350k...

I love teaching passive-income strategies to designers so they can finally have the creative freedom and work/life balance they deserve!

Prior to my nomadic adventures, I spent 7 years running Skybox Creative as a design agency, leading a team of designers, developers and account managers. For several years, I also served on the board of education for The Art Institute of CA & Platt College developing educational curriculums for design students.

When I’m not busy working on products or courses, you can catch me dancing around the living room with my little baby boy or traveling to the depths in my meditation.




  • Creative Freedom Online Course
  • PDF Course Downloads
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market
  • Masterclass - Demo Videos that Sell



  • Creative Freedom Online Course
  • PDF Course Downloads
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market
  • Masterclass - Demo Videos that Sell


Creative Freedom comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! My hope is that your business and life is forever transformed with the business strategies you'll learn in this training. I also expect you to know that work is involved, so in order to be eligible for my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work.

If you do the course work, don't feel that it worked for you and submit your work within 30 days of purchase, I'll promptly refund your course fee.

Who this course is for?

Intermediate-level designers (and above) that currently work in the design industry.

Graphic Designers who are looking for a way to keep a steady flow of income by selling design products.

Graphic Designers who want to transition out of client work or a job and create a full-time passive income.

People who want to earn a part-time income selling digital design products.

People who love designing but not necessarily marketing who want to focus on what they do best.  

Who this course is NOT for?

Designers that are just starting out or learning Adobe software - you must be proficient to make this work and help other designers.

People who want to sell T-Shirts, prints or physical products - this is a digital products course.

People who aren’t willing to put in the work up front - this is not a get rich quick scheme, it will take time and effort to see results.

Theme developers - This course will give you many of the tools you need to be successful but I don’t have experience selling themes or web pages so this might not be the best course for you.

Photographers or Videographers that are not Graphic Designers - If you are looking for a course on selling stock photography or footage, this course is not the best fit. 


Q. My schedule is busy right now and I’m not sure I'll have the time for this! Do I need to follow week-by-week or can I go at my own pace?

A. I totally understand (I'm a mama after all)! Once the course launches, you can go at your own pace! In Module 1, we'll go over how to create a schedule to fit the course and your products business into your life. We'll look at where your time is being spent and how to create more of it so you can get yo-self some well-deserved freedom!

Q. If I don't have a social media following, will I have to spend money on ads for this to work?  

A. This course is designed to work whether or not you have an existing following. I didn't have an existing following when I started and haven't spent any money on ads in the last 3.5 years I've been selling digital products. The course teaches you how to leverage existing audiences via marketplaces and affiliates, and how to snag up free traffic using SEO, Pinterest & YouTube.

Q. Will I be competing with the other students in the course?  

A. One of the things I teach in the course is how to extract the unique essence that only you possess - no two designers are the same and no two shops will be the same. What's most important is finding your unique expression and ways to serve the world! Supporting other designers on the path actually helps you in many ways - there are opportunities for collaboration, reciprocity (getting back what you put out) and unlimited inspiration!

Q. Will I receive Art Direction for my products?

A. This course is primarily focused on business strategy with some design lessons in the modules. I will not be able to provide Art Direction except for private coaching clients. However, the private Facebook community is a great place to share your ideas and receive feedback from other students in the community!

Q. Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

A. Totally! If you spend 30 days going through the course, launching products and implementing the strategies, but still don’t see results, I offer a full refund.

Q. Will I have access to all of the course content right away?  

A. Yes.

Q. How long will I have access to the course?  

A. You'll have lifetime access to the course including any course updates or new content as well!

Q. What format is the course content delivered in? 

A. The course materials are delivered as video content, workbooks and checklists.

Q. Will I have access to support?

A. Any technical issues with the course or materials will be addressed right away. For subjective questions about the course content, I'm available for private coaching.




  • Creative Freedom Online Course
  • PDF Course Downloads
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market
  • Masterclass - Demo Videos that Sell



  • Creative Freedom Online Course
  • PDF Course Downloads
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market
  • Masterclass - Demo Videos that Sell